How to study with concentration due to corona pandemic

How to study with concentration due to corona pandemic

People all around are talking about devastating effects of Coronavirus – World economy going down, number of increasing positive cases, and much more. With these continuous reminders of destruction due to virus, anyone can get affected. In this current situation, how should students cope-up with their studies and concentrate at one place? Today we are going to talk about some very effective tried and tested tips to increase concentration and avoid distraction.

Follow these tips and includes a few of them in your daily schedule in order to make your studies effective.

Do one thing at a time: Concentration improves when you keep all your focus and energy at one place. Finish one task first and then jump to another task. When someone tries to do all the task in one go, it leads to unfinished task or task finished but not in a satisfactory manner.

Choose your study place: Select a place for studies which distracts you the least, more the distraction, more it will affect your concentration. This will help you to overcome all hindrance and give you the most effective learning experience.

Control your anxiety: We are all curious to know any new update on the pandemic, but is it really necessary? Don’t fall for all the news that comes your way, just update yourself once or twice in a day about the important affairs happening around you. This will help you to control your anxiety level.

Set goals and monitor performance: Set daily goals according to your learning capacity to concentrate more on study target and less on unnecessary fake news around you. Based on goals set, monitor daily performance and target achieved to motivate you to set higher targets.

Meditate daily: Even 15-20 minutes of Yoga could help your concentration level and boost your energy to keep you going for the day. Yoga is way more than just warming you up, it is a divine blessing which makes you understand your body and soul better. Try some yoga poses for mental focus and anxiety.

Eat Healthy and take proper sleep: Excessive or less sleeping hours both can affect a student’s mental capabilities. At least 7-8 hour sleep is mandatory for all the student, not more or less than that. For better concentration, it is suggested to eat healthy green vegetable, fruits, salads, soup, etc. This allows you to increase the learning capacity of a student.

Be disciplined and motivated: Lack of discipline can directly or indirectly be a reason for failure in exam. It is crucial at this point of time to be disciplined and self-motivated to improve quality of your study. Avoid negative thoughts as your attitude or mindset can either take you to the road of success or drag you down to failure.

Learn effective time management: This skill is not easy to learn but once achieved you will need it for lifetime. Make a schedule and adhere to it for study, eating, break time and all the necessary task which takes more than half hour of your time. By organizing your time effectively, you can learn to organize your life as well.

If COVID-19 is effecting you more, we would suggest to talk your heart out to family, friends or your guidance provider.

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