8 Tips for Home Studies During Quarantine

8 Tips for Home Studies During Quarantine

As we all know that due to COVID-19 pandemic, government has announced lockdown for the good of whole nation. Let’s utilize this time to its fullest to achieve your goals. For some students home is a paradise for studies but for some, it’s not a happy hunting ground rather a place full of distraction. So what can be done to get rid of unnecessary distraction like binge watching online series, redundant house chores, disturbance, and much more?

These 8 tips will help you focus on your study at home and prove to be a saviour to all the students.

  • Time is the new precious gold

Every students have 24 hours in their day, still some students manage their time so well that it reflects in their results. Prioritise your task/work to increase productivity and reduce stress. Give time to each subject according to your expertise on it, this will help you to cover the syllabus in time.

  • Organize your study space:

Unlike most privileged students, not much i.e. 50% students don’t have a proper study room. So what can be done in that situation? Take the most comfortable and quiet setup where you can attend online classes with less diversion of mind. Keep all the necessary stationery and books handy to avoid hindrance in concentration.

  • Stay away from distraction

It is 2020, a century full of distraction and opportunities for students. Just remind yourself of one thing, once you have a plan try to adhere to it. Give some amount of time to distraction as well like watch Netflix in the scheduled time of half hour or so. The only thing to take care of is “Stick to the schedule”

  • Register for online course

Online course not only offers education for preferred subjects but also gives you benefits like no travel cost, flexible schedule, self-discipline, etc. A platform like IPA gives you opportunity to enhance your career and expand the scope of success. Register today for your online course at IPA and experience the difference.

  • Make a schedule

Talking about schedule, we are sure you all already have one. How many of you follow it thoroughly or think it’s time to update one? If you are not able to follow the schedule, update it regularly in a way that makes the best out of you.

  • Connect to student/professors through video conferencing

It is important to stay updated with the current trends, news, clear your doubts, share your thoughts and collaborate on assignments. Teachers and students will never say no to you for your study doubts and clarification. Talking to your peers will motivate you to work harder to achieve goals.

  • Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself should not lead to climbing mountains. This means a set daily target for yourself according to your capabilities. If possible set higher target so that even when you achieve 3/4th work, you will be satisfied with your daily struggles. Also, this will help you test your limit and within a month you will be a pro in setting targets for yourself.

  • Take a break

This is the most important tip while you study at home. Take small breaks to avoid monotony like make coffee for yourself instead of asking someone to make it for you, talk to that friend who lights up your mood, engage yourself in mindfulness yoga or quick exercise, take a power nap or something which boosts your energy.

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