5 reasons to choose IPA

5 reasons to choose IPA

Investors Professional Academy (IPA) is one of the leading coaching institute of various government and private sector exams in Rajasthan. IPA aims to provide vision of excellence, resilience and transformation. Students across nation are now living under the cloud of study material available online and offline in abundance but does this ensure success in exam? With knowledge, students and aspirants also need guidance at every step of their roller coaster ride.

IPA provides equal learning and growing opportunity for every student. Apart from that, these 5 reasons prove that IPA is the best and leading coaching institute which helps student in their journey of success.

  • Experienced Faculty

IPA’s faculty understands that every student has different level of grasping knowledge and hence they focus on each equally to make the concept clear. Professors take input from and adapt their teaching style accordingly. They, not only believe in imparting knowledge but also increase their understanding towards subject so students greed to learn more.

Faculty’s passion and dedication to teaching lead them to help and give time to students. IPA believes that teachers/professors job is not limited to sharing knowledge but also to guide and motivate students to boost their efficiency. These traits of our faculty surely makes the students more curious and attentive.

  • Student-teacher collaborative skills
  • Adaptability
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Values real-world learning
  • Shares best practice
  • Budget Friendly

IPA provides an affordable range of courses for students along with doubt solving sessions, test series for practice and quick revision. At the time of COVID-19 pandemic (quarantine), IPA understands the limitation of students so there are free of cost courses available at the official website of IPA. These courses will help students to continue their studies from home without any deterrent.

  • Friendly and competitive environment

Every student needs to have an environment that is both friendly and competitive. This motivates the students to learn and make other students learn in case of hesitation. Competition generates a lot of energy and motivation in the classroom which leads to more active involvement and reduces boredom. Friendly environment makes students learn the value of teamwork and coordination. IPA knows that the balance of fun and fairness is important when it comes to learning.

  • Classroom and virtual session

For the flexibility of students and faculty, IPA provides classroom and online session both. These session don’t have any difference apart from the location factor. If student wants to learn in a traditional way, we have that arrangement ready with us. With the growing digital world, IPA is also getting digital especially when people are locked at one place due to Coronavirus. These online classes will have recorded lectures as well as live session with students. If there is any doubt, students can directly consult to the faculty and clear the concept.

  • Guest lectures with Rankers

The main intention behind guest lecture with ex-students is to make students understand the real world solution to problem. These meaningful interaction makes students innovative and motivates them to learn from the success and mistakes of their fellow rankers.

Enroll yourself for IPA to discover the best out of you and learn a new path to success.

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